In the Beginning


A long time ago, there was a girl who had really bad eczema on her fingers. Her skin would crack and bleed as soon as she flexed her hands. She worked in an Orthodontist office taking photos of the new patient’s teeth. She washed her hands numerous times a day and spent hours in gloves. The repeated washing and drying hurt.

To try to help her, the office switched their disinfection, cleaning and sterilization solutions thinking maybe it was a contact allergy. Nope, nothing changed. A second switch was made. Nope, still no change. She changed the brand and type of gloves she wore. Nope, still no change. What was she to do?

Wait, did I mention this was me? This isn’t a scary fairy tale, this is real.

Tiny blisters would form on my fingers and knuckles. The itching was so deep and so intense, the only relief came from running my hands in scalding hot water. I know this was not a good idea, but the temporary relief from the itch was worth it. When the blisters popped, they would leave deep dry cracks in their wake. Skin was flaking like fish scales. I wore bandages on every finger. This too posed a problem as the adhesive from the bandages irritated my skin. The patches spread to the sides of my hands and soon after, both elbows were sporting their own large red scaly tattoos. Great, psoriasis, I thought. I coated my hands in every cream imaginable and wore cotton gloves to bed. I looked like a cartoon character. I tried coating my skin with Vaseline which left lovely grease stains on my clothes, towels and sheets. Not advised.

I showed my poor fingers to the doctor. He sent me away with a cream. It didn’t help. I waved my bleeding fingers at him again. Another prescription for another cream. Still no healing. I shoved my cracked, scaly fingers in his face. Another prescription for a steroid cream. Sigh. Absolutely zero improvement. When I picked up the steroid cream, the pharmacist casually mentioned that I should use the steroid cream sparingly as it can thin the skin. Wait?! What?! I can’t afford for this delicate skin to get any thinner.

Someone suggested seeing a Naturopath. I didn’t know anything about Naturopaths and it honestly sounded like a walk down voodoo lane and a left turn at witchcraft drive with a side of tree-hugging hippy-dippy granola to snack on along the way. But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I called and set up an initial consultation with Dr. Yim and well, the rest is history.

Go grab a coffee or wine if it’s after 5:00, get comfy and I’ll tell you a story or two.


5 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. Ann, I had this and went through the same thing! I was given the creams and steriods and nothing worked. I was to go for food allergy testing but never did. Finally after quitting my job and a year later it went away on it’s own. Not sure still what caused it or if it will return, so far so good though. 👍

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    1. I honestly felt like I was embarking on a hokey path that was only going to end in an empty wallet but I was thrilled to have had such motivating changes and so quickly too. I am happy to spread the word and share my experience, complete with some of my nonsense and hijinks.


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