If you can’t pronounce it . . .

Now that I was well underway in a new and cleaner way of eating, I figured the rest of the family could only benefit from eating in a similar fashion.

The easiest way to decide if something could be eaten or not was determined by the number of syllables in the name. Anything over four should probably be avoided. Romanesco and cauliflower come close with four syllables each. The second quick test: can you pronounce it? If you stumble over the word, you should probably put it down and run the other way. Steer clear of things with out of this world flavours and colours such as blue-raspberry.

I was on a real food journey and I was trying to take everyone with me.

The idea seems easy enough, but the nitty-gritty day to day execution is a little harder and requires some planning. Healthy eating is pricier than a loaf of bread, canned soup, frozen mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. Add in the decisions regarding organic vs non-organic produce, fair-trade vs non-fair trade and all the other buying power dilemmas and one’s head and wallet begin to spin.

If we can, we buy locally. Then spread out to the 100 mile radius, province (state) and country. Shopping in your own community keeps dollars local and can directly impact a farmer and their family. Keeping purchases local is also very good for the planet. Shop what is in season too. Be mindful of what you put in your grocery cart.

What I’ve learned from the start of my food journey is:

Healthy eating is an investment in yourself. These days we are too busy, over-scheduled or too rushed to sit at the table with our families and loved ones and enjoy a meal and conversation without electronic devices vying for our attention. Time around the table should be treasured. It sends a message to our loved ones, our children and our spouses that they are worth our undivided attention. Perhaps Ward and June Cleaver were really onto something. A meal can be a great catalyst for sparking conversation. Seize that opportunity and listen to what your kids are saying.


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