Celiac or sensitive?

I gave up all things gluten a while ago. Although I never was physically sick after eating gluteny (I know it isn’t a word, I just like making them up to suit my needs) stuff, my skin would pay a toll for weeks.

I decided I needed to nail it down for myself if I had celiac-disease or was I just sensitive. Off to my gp I went.

As I had been eating gluten-free for a while, he said I needed to eat it for a period of time prior to the blood work. Hmmm. Ok.

That night, we ordered pizza. Now, I do make a pretty fine gf pizza using a slightly labour-intensive and involved recipe, but, I feel it is totally worth it. I will share it in another post, I promise. Back to delivery pizza.

We went big. Like cheese-stuffed crust big. All the meat, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, ham, peppers, mushrooms and extra cheese kinda big. I picked up my slice, hands trembling ever so slightly, my hear was racing, I could hear my blood thrumming in my ears. Bite. Oh my stars! The salty chewiness of the crust. The grease from the meat. The stringiness of the cheese. The fire from the roasted peppers. An entire symphony of taste vying for my attention. Two slices and I was stuffed. Bloated kinda stuffed. My nose plugged almost instantly and my stomach began to gurgle and growl and provide so many entertaining noises I got the giggles.

Breakfast the next morning found me at McDonald’s. I grabbed an Egg McMuffin with sausage. Ok, I bought two. I felt like I was leaving the restaurant with contraband goods. That sandwich was down the hatch in less than 10 bites. Yes, the second one went down almost as fast.

So the food experiment continued. Pasta, toast, burgers, cookies, donuts, sandwiches and all the things I had been avoiding or eating in a very modified fashion. I felt puffy. Inflated is probably a better way to describe my state. I noticed my skin was itchy and I had a constant headache. I felt crappy all over.

This carried on until my blood test revealed . . . not celiac disease, just a really high sensitivity marker. Well, I was glad the experiment was over and I could resume my regular, non-gluten way of eating. My body felt poisoned and I couldn’t wait to recover.


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