Holiday gift giving ideas

It’s that time of year again isn’t it? That time where we feel pressured to overspend what we don’t have and under appreciate what we do have. Who decided certain times of year dictate we give a gift? Or to spend way beyond our means? It doesn’t have to be that way. Gifts, if you feel compelled to dole them out, can be affordable and thoughtful.

Here are a few of my favourite things. No kitten whiskers or itchy mittens in the lot. These are all kitchen/food related items that will always be welcome and won’t break the bank.

smallcookiescoopCookie scoops. All kinds of sizes are available. Small ones make cute little cookies, dainty meatballs and larger ones make life easy scooping muffin batter or making big-ass cookies. Write out a well-loved cookie recipe to go along with the scoop and you have a fantastic, thoughtful gift. Offer to help bake the cookies and you now have added the element of time and what is better than being with those you love? (umm, eating the cookies of course)



Silicone spatulas and scrapers are so handy. Different sizes and shapes are perfect for getting the last of the almond butter from the bottom of the jar or scrambling your eggs.


images-1.jpegSpice things up a bit. Exotic salts and spices can be a welcome addition and something the recipient would never buy for themselves. Seek out smoked salt and paprika. If you can find a local artisan, then so much the better as you are supporting your local community too. Spices can include infused oils and vinegars.



Hey hot stuff! No one likes burning their fingers and hands getting things out of the oven or handling a cast-iron pan. Hello Ove-Glove. Manual dexterity and heat protection. I’ve tried long silicone mitts, but I love the grippiness of these. Grab two, one for each hand.


Good, straightforward cookbooks are always welcome. Simple recipes with real food ingredients. These books also provide inspiration to customize to your own individual tastes. Win-win, plus you may get invited for dinner. Offer to help clean up and you will definitely be invited back.



Gift giving that won’t break the bank. Practical gifts that will always fit, won’t need software upgrading or batteries and can be used every day. What more could you ask for?



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