Let’s chat about an attitude of gratitude


When people ask me how I am, my reply is always swift and honest.

I’m awesome. I’m fantastic. I’m like gravy, good with everything. I’m so good, there should be two of me. (for many, that would be a scary concept) I’m on top of the world. (literally, aren’t we all on top of the world? Buried folks not included, obviously)

How? (each day as it comes) Don’t you have days that suck? (yes, but I don’t let that take the wheel and steer my head and heart) Don’t you ever get angry or upset? (yes, but again, I don’t let that take the day from me) Don’t you ever feel crappy? (compared to what?) Aren’t you ever disappointed? (no, what were your expectations in the first place?)

This all becomes a lesson in perspective doesn’t it? A quick flash back to my grade 8 Industrial Education teacher, Mr. Nelson, and that helps refocus my mindset. The post regarding him and how he shifted my outlook at the age of 13 is here. Talk about an epiphany.

Back to that attitude of gratitude. Or mindset if you prefer.

I wake up. Right off the bat, that is a win. Not everyone has that luxury. Some folks pass in their sleep. They are not given the opportunity for another day. I have shelter and an abundance of food and clean water. I have a job. I have been fortunate to create a family of my own. Not everyone can. My family is more complete because we have furry family members who share our lives and keep us humble. My family is healthy. Again, this isn’t a claim everyone can make. My heart goes out to those who have loved ones fighting battles. Perspective. Always perspective.

I was privileged to have known all four of my grandparents until I was well into adulthood. Many of my grandparents even had the chance to meet their great-grandchildren. How cool is that? Some folks never know their own parents, let alone their grandparents. One of my grandmothers gave me a great piece of advice when I was young, regarding less than pleasant tasks. I say this aloud and think on her often.

“Once begun, half done.” Thanks Evelyn.

The mindset that once you begin something you aren’t really looking forward to doing, you are halfway done, is liberating. This applies to cleaning bathrooms, grocery shopping, a long day at work, writing an essay etc.

Focus on positive instead of negative. Is the glass half full or half empty? Doesn’t matter does it? It just means that I had some and now there is room for more. I don’t allow my thoughts to linger on the guy who cut me off on the highway or the lady in the grocery store who is standing in the middle of the aisle, blocking it. I could care less about them. They aren’t my circus and definitely not my monkeys. I have better things to occupy my mind. You never know what those folks are dealing with in their world. Maybe he was racing home to a sick child or parent. Perhaps that woman is in a daze because her husband was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the idea of grocery shopping was the only thing that seemed normal at the moment. You don’t want to trade your troubles for someone else’s.

I’m grateful for my life, what I have, what I have done and what the future holds for me.





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