Stuff I Love



A well made cookie scoop can help with not only cookies, but muffins, meatblobs, batters and portioning pureed veg into a silicon muffin pan for freezing. I have a few different sizes.




There is a reason this book is a number one bestseller for years. It’s been dubbed the Paleo Bible. Diane Sanfilippo teaches you almost everything you wanted to know about the Paleo lifestyle and she empowers you to think for yourself within the recipe framework.

Hot stuff! No more burning your hands on pots and pans. An end to scorched tea towels. I love the Ove-Glove. It is ambidextrous and offers protection up to 540 F.

Vital Proteins Collagen blends into hot and cold drinks alike without clumping. It is a tasteless way to boost the nutritive content of any food or drink. I use this in almost every muffin or ball I make.

beef-gelatin-32oz-canister_800x Vital Proteins Gelatin provides non-dairy ice cream with amazing texture and gut-healing properties. I use this to make fruit gummies when berries are getting too soft to eat. No, it does not add a beefy flavour to anything.